Hey! Welcome to "US animated". Who are we? In short, it stands for "Uldis Stipnieks animated" - the guy who started all this. We have passion for animation since 10 year old. Now we can live the dream and help you tell your amazing story! Animation for us - it's us animated.

Feel free to contact us, tell us your story and together we will make something great that will represent your brand. All videos are completely original, no templates used, so you can rest assured knowing that your video is created for you and tailored to your brand. 

We have been doing this professionally for more than 5 years. Some videos have been on television, most of them are on internet and a few even visited a cinema. And absolutely anything is possible, from whiteboard to wall projections, to 3D animation. Or let's just stick to amazing, simple, clean 2D animation. Whatever suits your needs. Imagination is the limit. 

Here's the whole process of how video is created usually. 

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